Outdoor Living Spaces

When it comes to our homes, we often spend a lot of time and energy decorating the interior.  After all, we typically spend more time indoors than out.  That’s not to say that everyone neglects their yards; however, the outdoors is often not attended to in the same manner as the indoors.

The typical back yard will hold some form or combination of the following: deck, patio, pool, and plantlife.  For most, this is more than adequate.  However, if you are interested in cooking outdoors and enjoying your meals and company with the soft breeze of the night air, then you may want to look into and think about investing in some outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchenThe most common outdoor living space would be an outdoor kitchen.  After all, the yard is where the grill is and most kitchens are built around the grill.  You don’t have to be limited to just a grill and some counter space, though.

With the proper planning and a good installation crew, you can have the kitchen of your dreams in your own backyard.  You can keep it simple or you can go all out with cabinetry, appliances, and plumbing.  You are only limited by your imagination and your area to work with.

Outdoor Dining

It’s one thing to cook outdoors.  It’s another to dine in comfort and style outdoors.  Outdoor dining is very popular.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at restaurants in tourist areas and warmer climates.  Most of them offer outdoor patio eating.  With an outdoor dining room, you can enjoy that experience every day of the year.

There are several things to consider when looking at an outdoor dining area.  Do you want a typical dining table for friends and family or do you want to set up a bar-style seating area.  Depending on your available room, you may just go for both.  If you are tight for space, however, bar seating isn’t a bad idea to place on the backside of your kitchen.

Outdoor Living Room

outdoor living roomAs with any home, there is a need for a living room.  Why not have one outside as well?

This area should be similar to its indoor counterpart and include sitting area that is comfortable and inviting.  With being outdoors, you can begin to get a little crafty with the arrangement and amenities of your outdoor living room.

Adding a fireplace or fire pit is relatively easy to do compared to adding a fireplace indoors.  You can also look into adding water effects such as fountains or ponds.  These will all add to the warm and inviting atmosphere you are trying to create.

Outdoor Everything Else

Honestly, when it comes to your backyard, you are going to be limited only by the area of your yard and your imagination.  There are limitless possibilities for almost any yard, and you don’t want to sell yourself short.

At the end of the day, you want your yard to be a place that your friends and family enjoy while at the same time, making sure that you absolutely love every aspect of it.  After all, it is your yard.

For many outdoor living space ideas, please watch the video below.